Welcome to the Laboratory for High Field Nanostructures at the Colorado School of Mines.  We focus primarily on atomically precise measurements of materials using FIB, TEM, and Atom Probe Tomography, as well as atomically precise processing of materials.  Our current research projects include:


*  Solid state quantum computation (with Zyvex Labs and UNSW)

*  Grain boundary analysis in semiconductor photovoltaics (with NREL and UNSW)

*  Engineered interfaces in photovoltaics (with NREL and USAPVC)

*  Atomic scale analysis of geologic materials (with Brown U, CSM, and DOE)

*  Grain boundary analysis in ceramic oxides (with CSM, U Florida, and INL)

*  Reproducible processing of atomically sharp STM probes (with Zyvex Labs)

*  Semiconductor nanowires (with NIST)


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