Atom Probe Tomography Laboratory

Welcome to the Atom Probe Tomography Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines.


Our group has several areas of research focus, including:

  • Atomic scale measurement of defect chemistry, especially grain boundary and interface analyses in oxides and semiconductors (see recent publications highlighting CeO2, Ba(Ce,Zr,Y)O3 and Cu(In,Ga)Se2)
  • Correlation between atomic structure and properties in semiconductors and photovoltaics (Si, Ge, GaAs, CdTe, CIGS, CZTS)
  • Development of hardware and software for Atomic Scale Tomography, especially correlative TEM and APT
  • Nanoscale elemental distributions in geologic materials
  • Reproducible processing of atomically precise nanostructures and devices
  • APT analysis of small molecule electronics (with Jeramy Zimmerman, CSM Physics)

Please explore the site and be sure to visit the contact page for any questions or comments!

Are you an APT user?  Are you interested in collaborating with other groups on range files and using the mass spectra database?  Please check out Dave’s active work in this area:

Mass Spectrum Database